Here you will find my collected articles & media surrounding the Tabletop Skirmish game Warmachine & Hordes from Privateer Press. I am also highlighting articles I have written about the two companion RPGs from Privateer Press, Iron Kingdoms and Unleashed.


Fresh To War: Uboxing the Warmachine & Hordes New Releases for February 2017 – 02/23/2017 – Written by contributor Uncle Grumps, details new releases for the Circle of Orboros (Una the Skyhunter-Blackclad Warlock, Kaya the Wildheart – Blackclad Warlock, and the Circle of Orboros Command Book).

Fresh To War: Uboxing the Warmachine & Hordes New Releases for January 2017 – 01/24/2017 – Written by contributor Uncle Grumps, details new releases for The Protectorate of Menoth (Sovereign Tristan Durant, Feora, The Conquering Flame, and The Protectorate of Menoth Command Book).

Meatfist’s Painting Panel – Featuring Madrak 3 – 01/14/2017 – Mike “The Meatfist” brings us his painting expertise as he shows us his step by step painting  guide for Madrak 3.

Fresh To War: Uboxing the Warmachine & Hordes New Releases for November 2016 – 11/14/2016 – Written by contributor Uncle Grumps, details new releases for Mercenaries (Major Harrison Gibbs) and Legion of Everblight (Blighted Nyss Swordsmen)

Fresh To War: Uboxing the Warmachine & Hordes New Releases for September & October 2016 10/13/2016 – Details new releases for Retribution (Lys Healer Solo), Trollbloods (Northkin Shaman Solo), and Cryx (Satyxis Gunslingers Unit).

Fresh to War: Uboxing the Warmachine New Releases for August 2016 – 08/25/2016 – Details new releases for Cygnar (Black 13th Strike Force Unit Resculpt & Arcane Tempest Rifleman Solo) and Cryx (Carrion Thralls Unit & Inflictor*Seether Heavy Warjack kit).

Gen Con 2016 – 08/12/2016 – At Gen Con 2016 I sat in on a development panel for Warmachine\Hordes. I detail some information from that here

Warmachine and Hordes 3rd Edition Opens Strong – 07/07/2016 – Where I review a number of products from the newly launched line

Warmachine and Hordes: All New War – 04/26/2016 – Article detailing the pre-release information for the third edition of the game


Pure Primal Savagery – Iron Kingdoms: Unleashed – 04/16/2015 – Review of the Unleashed RPG

This Unleashed RPG Adventurer Kit Was Involved in a Car Wreck & You Won’t BELIEVE What Was Pulled From the Wreckage!! – 03/12/2015 – Review article for the Unleashed RPG Adventure Kit.

Iron Kingdoms Unleashed – 08/27/2014 – A much more in depth article about the Gencon Unleashed Panel.

Gen Con 2014 – 08/20/2014 – During Gen Con 2014 I had the chance to sit in on the Unleashed Panel and I discuss that in this article



Black 13th Strike Force Unit Resculpt – Painted by Mike Bortz


Grissel Bloodsong, Trollkin Warlock – Painted by Mike Bortz

Trollkin Champions with Skaldi BonehammerPainted by Mike Bortz


Pyre Troll, Trollkin Light Warbeast – Painted by Mike Bortz


From Left to Right: Manticore, Chimera, Pheonix, and Griffon – Painted by Melvin Smif

Mel’s (currently painted) Warjacks

Stormfall Archers Unit – Painted by Melvin Smif


Issyria, Sibyl of Dawn Warcaster – Painted by Melvin Smif


Kaelyssa, The Night’s Whisper WarcasterPainted by Melvin Smif


Lord Arcanist Ossyan WarcasterPainted by Melvin Smif


Dawnguard Sentinels UnitPainted by Melvin Smif