Introducing AcadeCon

AcadeCon will take place November 13-15th 2015 at the Hueston Lodge in Oxford, Ohio.

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Not long ago I became a proud member of the ever-growing “RPG Academy Network”. We are a collaborative group of gaming-centric creatives spanning many areas including blogging, podcasting, and even online gaming. The flagship for our group is The RPG Academy, podcast and online gamers extraordinaire. Michael and Caleb G. run the site and Podcast with an ever interesting rotation of faculty from the site and guest stars to spice things up on their actual plays and podcasts, not to mention a number of useful blog posts and gaming tools.

I’m not here to talk about all that though, I’m here to let you know about AcadeCon. In the past, Michael and Caleb G. have thrown a small version of the con in their neck of the woods but this year they are growing things a bit. This year’s AcadeCon, taking place November 13-15th at the Hueston Lodge in Oxford, Ohio, will be the first step into the brave new world of planning a larger scale convention.


The lodge is a beautiful looking place for a convention. Also, could be just creepy enough at night for a good game of Dread!

They have space set aside for roughly 150 badge carrying players and gamemasters, and the con’s special guests. Not only will many of the RPG Academy Network be there (myself included) but they’ve managed to put together a truly enticing list of notables from around the community. Podcasting guests include James D’Mato & Kat Kuhl, from the One Shot & Campaign Podcasts, and DM’s Mitch and Chris, from the Dungeon Master’s Block Podcast. Following that are makers of games many of you play and love. Big names like Rich Baker, Rob Schwalb, John Wick, and Shawn Carman. For being the first AcadeCon truly thrown to the public, the special guest list is packed!

So, AcadeCon has already funded. This means it’s on, we are having a Con. The thing is there are still badges available for people to attend. You should get on this. I can’t imagine the convention remaining a 150 person soiree in future years so this is your chance to get in on the ground floor and be one of those folks who raises their hand when asked if they’ve been to every year. A better selling point is the mixture of the big names mentioned above and the limited size of the con. Like I said, I can’t see this con being this small ever again so if you want a great chance to mingle with some of the folks who make these games, this year’s your chance!

Before I let you go just know that this promises to be a weekend of great gaming fun. I know I’ll be up late playing and running games (likely running more games than I even promised to run). It’ll be awesome to be involved with this landmark beginning of what I see becoming a big deal. If you have any questions feel free to ask me and if I can’t answer I’ll pass it along to those who can. Hope to see you there, come game with us folks!

Games I plan to run:

  • Savage Worlds: Deadlands
  • Savage Worlds: Homebrew game featuring Bullywug PC’s
  • 5th Edition D&D Eberron

Games I’ll have on hand that I’d love to run:

  • Iron Kingdoms Unleashed
  • Dread
  • Anything Savage Worlds
  • 4th Edition Gamma World


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