*WARNING* Players venture no further, this is DM land!

I rarely pick up a pre-made adventure, let alone a full Campaign, but something about Out of the Abyss is drawing me in. Perhaps it’s the allure of the Underdark, the intrigue of starting the players out at a severe disadvantage, or maybe it’s just the sandbox nature of the thing but I’m running this Campaign for my home group.

At this time I have shelved this adventure, but the tools below are still very useful so feel free to grab!

Out of the Abyss: Adventure One
Out of the Abyss: Adventure Two
Out of the Abyss: Adventures Three & Four

Monsters and NPCs
Chp 01 – Miniature Tokens
Chp 02 – Miniature Tokens

Chp 01 Fight Near Lift
Chp 02 – Lost Tomb – Pulled from the book.
Chp 02 – Camping Encounter 01 – A nice big map purple circles are giant Mushrooms
Chp 02 – Camping Encounter 02 – A small map near a pool of fresh water
Chp 02 – Random Encounter 01 – Never got to use this one but I like it a lot. Ground glows eerily light green. The square block is an old alter of sorts
Chp 02 – Random Encounter 02 – Used this for the Rocktopus encounter. The craggy semicircles represent a valley they had to go through
Chp 02 – Dark Lake Encounter 01 – Characters would have been in a boat for this one. Circles are pillars under the water

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