*WARNING* Players venture no further, this is DM land!

I rarely pick up a pre-made adventure, let alone a full Campaign, but something about Out of the Abyss is drawing me in. Perhaps it’s the allure of the Underdark, the intrigue of starting the players out at a severe disadvantage, or maybe it’s just the sandbox nature of the thing but I’m running this Campaign for my home group.

I’ll be uploading various tools I’ve crafted for my sessions and even some detailed notes post game to showcase where I feel I did great and where I learned some lessons you might take to heart if you run this.

Out of the Abyss: Adventure One
Out of the Abyss: Adventure Two
Out of the Abyss: Adventures Three & Four

Monsters and NPCs
Chp 01 – Miniature Tokens
Chp 02 – Miniature Tokens

Chp 01 – Fight Near Lift
Chp 02 – Lost Tomb – Pulled from the book.
Chp 02 – Camping Encounter 01 – A nice big map purple circles are giant Mushrooms
Chp 02 – Camping Encounter 02 – A small map near a pool of fresh water
Chp 02 – Random Encounter 01 – Never got to use this one but I like it a lot. Ground glows eerily light green. The square block is an old alter of sorts
Chp 02 – Random Encounter 02 – Used this for the Rocktopus encounter. The craggy semicircles represent a valley they had to go through
Chp 02 – Dark Lake Encounter 01 – Characters would have been in a boat for this one. Circles are pillars under the water



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