KICKSTARTER REVIEW: Murders & Acquisitions RPG

Hey all! I’m deeply embroiled in board games today at Geekway to the West but through the magic of computers I’m speaking to you about yet another excellent Kickstarter run! This time it’s something most assuredly a bit more “indy”. Speaking of Kickstarters though, the Acadecon 2016 Kickstarter has run its course…and FULLY FUNDED! So I will hopefully see you in November. If you missed the Kickstarter have no fear, you can still get a badge and attend. Just head over to the website and buy one. It’s also a good place to check out details for Dayton, look up hotel rooms, check the special guests, and even the schedule of events.*


The Murders and Acquisitions RPG comes to us from Craig Cambell, you may have seen some of his work as a freelancer for various RPGs like D&D, Iron Kingdoms, or Gamma World. M&A RPG is his first foray into publishing his own work. The setting for the system is a high octane world of business where climbing that corporate ladder might entail some very devious and deadly means. In the world of M&A RPG such things aren’t frowned upon, but championed. As long as you aren’t sloppy and get caught that is!


The system provide for quick character creation and a bevy of unique skills beyond your usual fare that utilize dice. The game really plays up the corporate structure with the skills available (i.e. Loss Mitigation ~ The ability to cover your trail). To determine your ability with these skills you’d associate a specific die with each skill, somewhat like you would in another favorite RPG of mine Savage Worlds, each skill ends up having some associated Areas of Expertise that can add some helpful perks to your skill rolls by allowing for re-rolls on failures. Your character starts the game with Employment Objectives that they attempt to succeed on too. With that, and very few other items I left out you have a character. Reading through I can easily see how quick the process can end up being.

The concept of M&A RPG and the simplicity of the system has me hooked. Especially because my day job has me well within the corporate world. The idea of being a truly crazed go-geter has me smiling. You should really try to get your hands on this unique entry into the RPG world, and the Kickstarter currently running will provide the perfect avenue for that.

conf room

The game is already funded, even unlocking their first Stretch Goal, so you needn’t concern yourself that the game will never get made. The money for the project goes to pay for some refined artwork and to help fund some additional layout and editorial work. Having seen their product sample I can say that any extra attention to detail will only serve to polish an already solid product.


HIRED ~ $15
This is the level you back at to get a pdf copy of the game, stretch goals, and any supporting pdfs. A great entry point.

FULL BENEFITS ~ $20 (best value)
You get everything from the HIRED level but also access to one “print on demand” copy from Drive Thru RPG

I’d like to congratulate Mr. Cambell on his successful Kickstarter and simply state that you should get in there and back it while you can!


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