Warmachine & Hordes: All New War

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Privateer Press has recently announced their intention to release a new edition of its Warmachine and Hordes tabletop skirmish game. In “WarmaHordes” players pick a favored faction (i.e. Elves, Trolls, Humans, etc.) based in a steampunk world of magic with metal monstrosities and beasts that fight along their masters. Two players then pit those factions against each other in tabletop miniatures based combat using.

All new War

The last edition update was six years ago with what Privateer Press dubbed the “MK II” edition. In that time the company claims it has “…accumulated a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience from observing, listening to, and interacting with our worldwide community of players and retailers about how to continue to improve their experience with our games… -Chief Creative Officer Matt Wilson”  Thus they feel it is finally time to reveal all the work they’ve done revamping the game using this feedback.

RoS Battlegroup Starter Set


A big push in the new edition seems to be a call for simplicity in the rules, and an eye to pull in new players. Changes like, allowing for pre-measuring for a ranged attack where you currently have to eyeball and chance a miss. To draw in new players PP will be releasing what they are calling their Battlegroup Starter Boxes that, beyond containing a Warcaster\Warlock with attached Warjacks\Warbeasts, will also contain  a core rules digest and an in-depth tutorial. The new starter boxes don’t completely leave veterans hanging in the wind though as the Warcasters & Warlocks contained will be brand new. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t add that Veterans won’t have to buy new models for their armies, the only additional purchase they may want to make would be buying the new faction decks. The Battlegroup Starter Boxes will be offered at $39.99 MSRP and look to be a great way to introduce yourself to the game.

A side note about this exciting news that I wanted to touch on regards the fandom. I can honestly say that the response to this new edition reveal seems to have simultaneously revealed that Privateer Press may have one of the best player bases around. I’ve never encountered much in the way of vitriol and bile on the Privateer Press forums before but, considering this was a new edition release, I expected the worst when I dove in. I was more than pleasantly surprised. There’s even a forum topic dedicated to players conceding that certain battlegroup models (that they use) are in need of nerfing and hope the game gains some balance from the update. I’ve seen very little in the way of screaming at each other or the company, mostly it is optimism and general interest for the new edition. A testament to the player base I’d say. Also, Privateer Press waited six full years before adding a new edition, that shows this isn’t some money grab on their part.

Battle Board

Battle for the Athanc Hex Board

It almost seems like fate that this announcement would come out now, when I and a few others are embroiled in the “Battle for the Athanc” campaign rules recently released with Privateer Press’ “No Quarter” magazine (issue 65). The battles have been huge and adding a bit of a campaign arc to the whole mix has heightened my fervor for the game already. Now suddenly this comes along. I’m an amateur at best, only really playing off and on over the last few years, but feel like I’m becoming a stronger player by the week now that I’m playing at least weekly. With the new edition I can easily see myself going further down this rabbit hole. I may need to add a Hordes faction to my roster, my elves are getting lonely.


“The new editions will be released worldwide in independent hobby game stores on June 29, 2016. Privateer Press will release the new Core Rules for each game for free online on June 12, 2016. Players will get their first chance to play the new edition at Lock & Load GameFest 2016 in Bellevue, WA, held June 10-12.”

Khador v Cryx

Khador and Cryx throw down

-Forum FAQ Regarding New Edition-

Let me know how you feel about the new edition or if you want to get in on the action for the first time!



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