The Dragon Sheath by Dog Might Games

I know I’m on a hiatus here but when a company like Dog Might Games offers up one of their gorgeous products for review, you take a bit of time to accommodate.


Dog Might Games will tell you they make “Kick-ass gaming gear” and I’d be hard pressed to attempt to repudiate that claim. Their website is a cornucopia of luxurious wood-worked gaming related tools. From items as small as well crafted card stands to full on “Adventure Cases”. All of these items are carved from gorgeous selections of wood, an appear to be of the highest quality. You should really take the time to check out their site.

I’m not here to just talk about the company though, I’m here to talk Kickstarter! Right now Dog Might Games is running a Kickstarter for their Dragon Sheath product line. The Dragon Sheath is “A sculpted customizable carrying case for your gaming gear. Available in a variety of woods, colors, and interiors.”  Here’s the one they sent me.


I was very impressed with the quality of craftsmanship first and foremost (being something of an amateur wood-worker myself). Excellent durability, sleek design, and really functional.






Not to mention the magnets that hold the two pieces together are really strong, ensuring it won’t just fall apart loosing your dice all over the place.

I can see Th Dragon Sheath as a first step into an obsession here. Love the concept of mixing handcrafted tools like this into my gaming. Sure its a luxury item, but tabletop gaming has a pretty cost entry point, why not spruce up you tools?


The current Kickstarter run only has 6 days left. Head on over and pick up one of these fantastic pieces!


The Dragon Sheath Kickstarter – FUNDED

Best Pledge Level for the Cash Strapped: $35 Classic – You get a great holder for dice with a simple, non-carved surface. Interior E is just a big area for dice.

My Favorite Pledge Level: $60 Custom – You choose your carved surface on the outside, what interior you’d like, and what stain finish. There are over 50 carvings to choose from and 13 interiors.