The RPG Academy Network Presents: For the Players


Welcome to the New Year folks! I just wanted to shoot you all a quick notification that I, and a fair number of other members of the RPG Academy Network will be hosting a panel tomorrow night (Saturday, January 9th) from 8:00 CST to 11:00 CST!

In our last Panel the network members chatted up the GM’s point of view. I covered it on the site, as I was sadly unable to join them. You can read about that HERE and watch it HERE! This time we’ll be tackling aspect of being a better player at the table. Hosted by the illustrious Jim McClure, of Talking Tabletop fame, as his last hoorah with our network before beginning his tenure with the One Shot podcast.

Hopefully you can join us, but even if you can’t you could always join us in spirit by sending a question or two to Jim on his Twitter account. Hope to see you there folks!

Here’s the link to the Hangout!


2 thoughts on “The RPG Academy Network Presents: For the Players

  1. Just heard you on the podcast and found my way here. So glad to hear that you promote the hobby via the teen outreach. I used to run a club at school a couple years ago. Inspired now to go look into my local library. Thanks!


    • Thanks Mike! Truly it is my pleasure though. Despite how the kids can be a mite rough at times they are just so eager to play that it makes it really fun.


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