Gen Con a No Go

Ah Gencon 2013, my first ever Gaming Convention

I love Gen Con and if I had my way I’d be there every year. Last year I was teetering on the ledge of attendance vs. non-attendance and was more than fortunate to have attendance win out thanks mostly to my friends over at Gamerstable. Well, this year I was met with equal levels of teetering but this time I knew ahead of time that even if I were to go I’d only have two days to take in what I could (wasn’t going to miss the wedding of my esteemed Sister-in Law now was I?). Met with these facts and the opportunity to simply help my wife and her family prepare for the impending nuptials I’m opting to miss the event this year.

It saddens me because Gen Con truly is one of my favorite events of the year. For me it’s never been about the games directly, it’s always been the friends I get to see year after year. This year it would have meant meeting a few folks, I’ve gotten to be buddies with via twitter, for the very first time and I’m loath to miss that opportunity. However, I get the feeling that’s going to be a recurring theme!

For those going this year have a dose of extra fun for me (if you’ve room to spare). For those not going like me, try to arrange to go next year. I mean it. It’ll take quite a bit to stop my attendance next year and I’d love to meet up with anyone who shares this wonderful passion of mine!

I’ll likely have someone reporting on my behalf and if I get a name I’ll clue you all in. Plus, I will be attending #AcadeCon in November so come to Ohio if you want to see me.

I’m holding out hope that next year is the year of the #VagabondGamers! If you know what that means I’m calling for the group trip, you know who you are! If you don’t know what that means, look us up!

Have fun this weekend folks!


P.S. I’ll still be paying attention to the Con, expect at least a post on what I learn from it!

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