Wizards of the Coast Announces New Super Adventure: Rage of Demons

wpid-rod_keyart.jpgThe next addition to 5th Edition D&D’s line of Super Adventures has been announced today. Looks like DMs and Players can look forward to a dive into the Underdark in the Fall of this year. As you can tell by the tone of my previous reviews I’ve become a fan of these Campaigns for the new content they infuse into the community and for the quality of the adventures themselves.

The Underdark has long been a huge draw for players of Dungeons & Dragons, myself included. I’m really interested to see how they handle the inherent dangers of the Underdark, it has historically been a place for mid to high level PC’s. Perhaps we’ll see a campaign that starts characters off leveled up a bit. It would be really interesting if it builds off of one of the previous Super Adventures taking characters all the way to level 20 from where they stood at the end of either Tyranny of Dragons or Princes of the Apocalypse.

The stuff about teaming with Drizzt Do’Urden is will be really cool to some even if I’ve lost my taste for the character. Who knows, maybe this story-line will breathe new life into the guy. Personally, I’d like to see some fresh characters introduced to the Forgotten Realms. Some really interesting folks. It’d be nice to stop going back to the well and see new faces, maybe they’d garner the same kind of staying power. Let’s be honest though, Drizzt and company introduced a lot of us to the Forgotten Realms, I need to give them respect for that.

You can find the full article here: http://www.dungeonsanddragons.com

But here’s the full Press Release:



Fight Alongside Drizzt Do’Urden in the New Dungeons & Dragons Storyline on Computer, Console or Tabletop This Fall

RENTON, Wash. – May 6, 2015 – Today, Wizards of the Coast announced Rage of Demons, the new storyline for Dungeons & Dragons fans coming in Fall 2015. The demon lords have been summoned from the Abyss and players must descend into the Underdark with the iconic hero Drizzt Do’Urden to stop the chaos before it threatens the surface. Rage of Demons is the story all D&D gamers will be excited to play this fall, whether they prefer consoles, PCs or rolling dice with friends.

Following on the critically-acclaimed Tyranny of Dragons and Elemental Evil stories, Rage of Demons will transport characters to the deadly and insane underworld. Rumors of powerful demon lords such as Demogorgon, Orcus and Graz’zt terrorizing the denizens of the Underdark have begun to filter up to the cities of the Sword Coast. The already dangerous caverns below the surface are thrown into ultimate chaos, madness and discord. The renegade drow Drizzt Do’Urden is sent to investigate but it will be up to you to aid in his fight against the demons before he succumbs to his darker temptations.

Dungeons & Dragons fans will have more options than ever to enjoy the Rage of Demons storyline. The themes of treachery and discord in the Underdark are in Sword Coast Legends, the new CRPG (computer role-playing game) coming this fall on PC from n-Space and Digital Extremes. The epic campaign that drives Sword Coast Legends’ story forces players deep into the Underdark and continues well after launch with legendary adventurer Drizzt Do’Urden.

For fans of Neverwinter, the popular Dungeons & Dragons-based MMORPG will bring a new expansion – tentatively titled Neverwinter: Underdark – in 2015. The update will see adventurers travel with Drizzt to the drow city of Menzoberranzan during its demonic assault as well as experience a unique set of quests written by the creator of Drizzt, R.A. Salvatore. The expansion will initially be released on PC and will come out on the Xbox One at a later date.

Players of the tabletop roleplaying game can descend into the Underdark in Out of the Abyss, a new adventure which provides details on the demon lords rampaging through the Underdark. Partners such as WizKids, GaleForce 9 and Smiteworks will all support Rage of Demons with new products to help bring your tabletop game to life. To really get in the mind of Drizzt, fans will have to check out Archmage, the new novel by R.A. Salvatore, scheduled for release in early September.

“Rage of Demons is a huge storyline involving all expressions of Dungeons & Dragons, and we’re excited to bring players this story in concert with all of our partners,” said Nathan Stewart, Brand Director at Wizards of the Coast. “I can’t wait to see everyone interact with one of the world’s most recognizable fantasy characters: Drizzt Do’Urden. Descending into the depths won’t exactly be easy for him, and D&D fans will get their mettle tested just like Drizzt when they come face-to-face with all the demon lords.”

For more information on Dungeons & Dragons, including details on all of the new products supporting the Rage of Demons storyline from Wizards and our partners visit http://www.dungeonsanddragons.com

All of this does make me question whether WotC has something planned for Gen Con though. You’d think they’d take advantage of it. Maybe Gen Con is a bit too early this year? Anyway, I’m excited. A delve into the Underdark might just make me put down Unleashed for a little while.


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