Skeleton Team Mericana

Children astound me with their severe levels of passionate creativity.  I’m honestly curious where a lot of that goes as we age, though the majority of those reading these words likely maintain a lot of that same childlike passion.  My daughter Allouette, Alli for short, often displays some pretty bizarrely advanced levels of imagination, even for a five year old.  Mainly she has an aptitude for just plain making things up off the top of her head that often has me and her mother in stitches.  Though this happens a lot around here I thought you all may particularly enjoy her latest obsession with a bunch of Skeleton miniatures that I let her paint while Sarah and I were working on some of our own painting jobs.  I had originally planned to describe her creations second hand but while posting the pictures she went crazy telling me all about her Skeleton team!  So, I just started jotting her words down verbatim.  Here you go folks, I introduce to you Skeleton Team Mericana!

I have no idea where she got the name "Skeleton Team Mericana" from.

I have no idea where she got the name “Skeleton Team Mericana” from. Set pieces brought to you by Melvin Smif via Hirst Arts molds!

Skeleton Team Mericana likes to go on Monster Fights, mostly in Dungeons and caves.  There are two leaders a boy skeleton named Lyng and a girl skeleton named Nalita, they are friends too.  The biggest monster they ever fought was a big troll, not the grumpy troll from Dora cuz he’s wimpy.





“Nalita loves to fight bad guys with her spear staff. Her and Lyng, the boy leader, love to use their brick spears to throw dirt at monsters until they die. And she is rainbow colored.”






“Lyng is a leader because he is blue and has a spear staff with a shield that is also blue.  His bones don’t fall off as easy as the other skeletons’ bones do.  He is also a leader because he is sitting in the chair.”






“She loves axes and uses them to cut holes, bad guy worms in water pipes, and trees. She’s a girl and she always likes to take a rest after all her work. She eats snacks before hunting.”






“Likes to go into dungeons and likes to fight bad guys. With her sword she likes to slice brick monsters and she always does what the leaders tell her to do.  She doesn’t go to bed until her leaders tell her to go to bed.”





“She likes to cut bad guys with her axes.  She listens to her leaders.  Her favorite bad guy to cut with axes are bad guy snakes.  It is so fun to cut down monsters with the leaders, it is her favorite thing to do.  She also loves to do stuff.”






“This boy likes to freeze monsters with his magical freezing sword. He likes to slice bad trees and make them ice. He always counts to 15 when he messes up and he loves to eat snacks, even when he’s already eaten lunch.”


There you have it, feel free to use the NPC concepts for your next game.  I imagine they would prove a tough adversary against your Players. Just imagine trying to deal with Granto’s freezing sword or the leaders’ dirt weapons. Hope you enjoyed this little trip into my daughter’s brain, I know I did.  She continues to surprise her mother and I daily (as does anyone’s child but DAMMIT MINE’S A SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE!!).  Won’t be long my son will be right there with her, of course he’s only two at the moment so his painting style is globbing huge portions onto small objects.

He fit four shades of color on each brick piece.  Only on the bottoms too.

He fit four shades of color on each brick piece. Only on the bottoms too.

They sure do have a lot of fun painting together though.  Man I hope that continues, whether they ultimately choose to play the games I love or not it has, and will continue to be, a joy to introduce them to it.

wpid-20150115_191827.jpgHave a good week everyone!



2 thoughts on “Skeleton Team Mericana

  1. I just pieced something together after you wrote this (clarified with her). The reason Alli is calling someone with a chair a leader is because she’s referencing the Dungeon Master as they “hold the chair”. She knows who rules the game…this is GOOD!


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