Of Dreams and Magic: Live Your Dreams & Battle the Doubt!


Of Dreams and Magic (ODAM) is a new entry into the world of Tabletop Role-Playing Games currently being funded via Kickstarter.  Players take on the form of “Anima” or individuals who have come to the realization that our real world is not what it appears to be and in a “Matrix-Like” gesture have shrugged off the yolk of the “Doubt”.  An Anima becomes a representation of whatever magic they called upon within their dreams when they realize they have power over the Doubt, capable of using this magic in the real world as well.  The Doubt is an oppressive enemy force that acts as a layer of mundane between the people of our world and the magic they should rightfully be able to grasp.

ODAM Girl_Dreaming

The artwork looks top notch.

I’m a fan of the concepts this RPG puts forth.  There is nothing limiting here, the Dreamweaver (title for the GM & love note for you Gary Wright fans out there!…anyone? Eh? No? Ok, moving on then.) has the option of presenting adventures either in the real world or even in the dream world.  Thus you’re limited only by your imagination for what kind of adventure players go forth on.  Then there are the options for the players as any pretty much anything they want to run with.  They choose one of four Archetypes for their Anima that represent various fiction tropes.  Thus a player can play a superhero, maybe a dwarven berserker, a futuristic super soldier, or even something out of the realm of nightmares.  Again there is an emphasis of letting go of anything restrictive when it comes to who you are in game or where you can take those individuals.  Not to forget that the Doubt represents a malign form of this same principle so the Dreamweaver can form whatever villain they wish out of it.

Seeing all the above might make some feel that everything is just fast and loose here, you may find yourself wondering what kind of a system can support something so open ended.  I think they nailed it honestly.  I was a bit surprised to discover a pretty unique, yet robust system utilizing Attributes and skills by rolling two 10 sided die, considered over/under die, and figuring out a number based off the sum of The Over Die – The Under Die + The Appropriate Ability Score (chosen by Dreamweaver) to get the Ability test Result.  To get further into the nitty gritty of the system the authors are actually providing a pretty comprehensive playtest packet in pdf form that explains a bit about the game itself and does a good job of explaining the Gameplay Rules most of all.  You can download it on their website HERE.


With 19 days to go, ODAM is currently 30% funded.  They sit at just over $3,000 of their $10,000 fund point and I would certainly like to see this project fund completely.  One thing I note that may be a hindrance lies with the fact that the cheapest someone can get a Hardcover copy of the final book is at the $70 pledge level.  Typically the “hardcover level” comes into play at the $50, or cheaper, level with the noted exceptions of the Monte Cook Games fare Numenera and The Strange.  It is important to note that the final book will be a 300 page, all inclusive, and fully illustrated hulk so at least you’ll be getting a sizable piece of work.  Honestly I’m happy to see someone taking the step to really put their necks out there, wanting a quality item.  You’ll also get printed copies of every stretch goal at that point as well.  You can get a Softcover for as cheap as $40, and a pdf of the system starting at $15.

Here’s their project video.  If it is any indication of the art direction, I’m in.


I’ll be putting some money towards this myself and I urge others to do the same.  I find it really intriguing and hope to one day hold a copy of the book in my hands.  Then I can force the Vagabond Gamers into my own nightmare realms!  Errr… I mean… let them live out there dreams.


P.S. Check out their site to join in on a game run by the team themselves!  It looks likes they will be running weekly games for the foreseeable future to introduce people to ODAM.  I like that kind of community outreach!

Kickstarter Details: Link to the Kickstarter

  • ODAM Publishing
  • Goal: $10,000
  • My Backer Level: Pledge $15 – Digital Anima – You will receive a full color PDF version of Of Dreams and Magic, along with digital versions of all stretch goals.


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