Kickstarter Highlights – Karthun: Lands of Conflict

As I write this the Kickstarter for Karthun: Lands of Conflict has 55 backers (myself among them) and is 20% funded.  This is day one.  I have a solid belief that we will see a fully funded project, perhaps by the end of the day and I, for one, am happy to be a small part of that success.

Karthun Logo

I’ve been a reader of Brian Patterson’s comic D20Monkey for some time now and have witnessed it grow from a “joke a day” concept to a truly narrative force.  Through one of his storylines back in early 2013 Brian introduced a Campaign World Concept that the main protagonist of his Webcomic, Sam Tigh, created named Karthun.  Our first glimpses into this world were deep with flavor and intriguing possibilities.  It wasn’t long before readers began to clamor for a full treatment of the setting.  We wanted to play it ourselves, exploding-rogue-logoand we were in luck because just this year at Gencon 2014 Brian revealed his partnership with Tracy Barnett, designer of such works as School Daze and Iron Edda: War of Metal and Bone, to form Exploding Rogue Studios.  Their first project would be the long-awaited Karthun Kickstarter.

It isn’t often the case that we can saunter into a backer relationship with a game knowing as much as we do here.  We know the art will be Brian’s, and as readers of the webcomic (or a quick look at it if you’ve never had the pleasure) we know it to be vivid and top knotch.  We are fortunate to have a lot of background information regarding the style of the game from reveals on Brian’s webcomic.  Tracy has designed two successful games previously, and similarly we know that Tracy and Brian have successfully fulfilled Kickstarter obligations in the past, having run five successful Kickstarters between the two of them! 

If you want to get a better look into the mythology and style of the game I urge you to read the various arcs that take place in the world(Here,& here for the main two).  Not only will you walk away with a good understanding of the lore, character options, and style surrounding Karthun you’re also likely to be impressed with Brian’s narrative capabilities and imagination.  You should also take a look at some of Iron eddathe work Tracy has put out over the years.  I personally own School Daze and Iron Edda: War of Metal and Bone will be in my hands one of these days I assure you.

Karthun will represent a Campaign Setting that should fit into any system you have.  The idea appears to initially support a Lore only setup that will be usable for anything and further stretch goals purport to open up specific referance tools for some of the more popular systems (i.e 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and 13th Age). 

I write fast, but in the small time I’ve been typing another 15 have joined the growing list of backers clamoring for Karthun and it is now 30% funded.  Don’t be left out!

Kickstarter Details:

  • Goal: $15,000
  • My Backer Level: $35 Adventurer Level: Hardcover Core Book, Name Listed, Previous Awards, and all Stretch Goals as pdfs.
  • Full Team:
    • Brian Patterson writing and illustration.
      Tracy Barnett writing and project management. 
      John Adamus Editor  
      Daniel Solis Layout Artist and Designer


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