Day 31: Favorite RPG of All Time


The entire month has lead up to this question and I’ll just have to go with the obvious, easy choice.  My favorite RPG of all time is Dungeons and Dragons.  Maybe that’ll change decades down the line but for now there isn’t a single RPG out there that invokes the wealth of nostalgia D&D provides for me.  I’ve been playing it for decades, and if the quality of 5th edition tells me anything I’ll be giving it even more of my time.

There isn’t much else to be said honestly.  I’ve given D&D many accolades throughout this little project David Chapman created (thank you David!) and I doubt I could ever sum up in mere words what pulling out a character sheet or DM’s Shield means to me.  So I’ll just leave this last write up short and sweet. Many thanks to Gygax and Arneson for their initial stumble into the game and then their vision of making it even bigger, and thank you to the many authors of other editions and supplements for the game over the years.

Gaming means a lot to me, it is a window to my own imagination and the collective imaginations of others who mean a lot to me.  I love gaming dearly and it has been a pleasure writing for 31 days about it.  Take care folks, and good gaming to all!


2 thoughts on “Day 31: Favorite RPG of All Time

  1. Hey Kevin it’s Josh Powell here (yes that one), just wanted to let you know I shared your site with my entire IT staff here and you’ve been the talk of the “water cooler” (soda fountain). Anyway on new D&D versions do you not think they dumb it down so to speak or water it down. I’ve stuck with 2.5 forever and the newer ones just feel… more childish possibly. Or is that just my fandom showing.


  2. Hey Josh, good to see ya man. This is a loaded question! Hard to sum up everything I could say on the subject. Did you mean 3.5? If you did I assume you would be considering 4th edition to be the “watered” or “dumbed down” version. I have never considered 4th to be a bad version of D&D, just a vastly different one. Much like the change from older editions to 3.5.

    3.5 marked a huge overhaul of D&D, they converted everything to a D20 system and combat was vastly changed to the point where grid based miniature play was essential.

    4th Edition was yet another huge overhaul gambit they decided to take. I’ve said it a number of times but had some independent company launched the system without the “D&D” label it would have garnered nothing but praise for having a revolutionary style of play, just look at 13th Age. Now 4th didn’t work out, that much is obvious, but to me that’s only because it just didn’t mesh with what people considered D&D.

    4th was the most balanced system I’ve ever seen and I loved it, I thought it ran better than 3.5 (sadly both fell apart at higher levels though), but it certainly lost some of the grit. This is why I’m currently in love with 5th edition.

    Check 5th out man, they basically took a ton of stuff that worked over the years and made a system. Even the new stuff they cooked up is awesome.


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