Day 30: Rarest RPG Owned


The rarest RPG I own was actually given to me, and recently at that, by Eric over at Gamerstable. This game is one of the 200 signed Hardcovers of Corporia,by Mark Plemmons.

Corporia 1

The best way to find out more about Corporia would be to check out the successful Kickstarter, it funded back in December, check out their site, or even listen to the Gamerstable episode where Mark himself stops by to hang with the gang. The game is pretty solid.

You play as reincarnated versions of the Knights of the round table in a version of our modern day where the world has been utterly incorporated.  So what you get is a bit of a Shadowrun feel as you and your crew take on evil corporations in a shadow war.  Like I said though, the above mentioned links are certainly better means of figuring out what this game is all about. Of course you could certainly buy it too!  Check out DriveThru RPG for that!  Want a free taste?  Here are the free quick start rules.

Corporia 2

You can only get a pdf of the game currently, with some Hardcover love possibly showing up later this year.  I can’t be sure but my hunch is that there won’t be a large Hardcover printing, and I’ve got number 200 of the 200 Hardcover limited edition signed copies.  It’s a really cool item and I can’t wait to dig even more into the rules!



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