Day 29: Most Memorable Encounter


To tell true my most memorable encounter would likely be the one described on Day 17 of this #RPGaDay marathon, but that would make for a short post. So, I figure I’ll describe a few of my favorite encounters from one of the more memorable ongoing campaigns I had the pleasure of playing in before my gestation into the fine Dungeon Master I am today!


Way back in high school my buddy Mike was our main DM. As the older brother of my friend and classmate Jake it may come as no surprise he’s a damn fine DM as well. To this day his 3.5 D&D campaign set in the Forgotten Realms is remembered for many things but mainly being the longest ongoing game we ever had. My character was Seavel Moonlance, a Moon Elf Fighter/Wizard who later became an Eldritch Knight.

Yeah... Remember this guy?... On the Carpet.

Yeah… Remember this guy?… On the Carpet.

Now, putting aside the fact that Seavel Moonlance is a terrible name (I said…put it aside…) he was actually an awesome character. He was a 3.5 Wizard after all. I had chosen Fighter at 1st level so I could better use the longsword my character was naturally good with, him being an elf and all, and I probably used it more than was warranted. I can still remember when I found that Longsword +1 with the added 1d6 fire damage, man that was something. Used that blade for a long time!


Even today that name is coupled with a deep seated rage. There were many encounters with that damned Kobold, because he just kept getting away! No matter how hard we pursued, he always had an escape plan. It makes sense for a Kobold to be crafty, so we couldn’t even fault Mike for writing in so many great escape plots. We could blame ourselves though, and we could sure as Hell blame Kershlack!


Kerschlack don’t give a F$%&!

The one incident that stands out in my mind is not his defeat, though that was so worth it when the time finally came. No, the most memorable encounter with that little guy was the only time we were truly defeated soundly. It was by his hands alone that a party of mid level adventurers were defeated and captured.

We were on the chase after him, and this had not been the first time. He was leading us up a grassy knoll where we knew we would have him cornered. A few arrows had injured him, so he was easy to track. We were off after him at a dead sprint. When we finally cornered him we thought we would have time to gloat at our victory, but no such joy was to be had. We sat at the table in horror as Mike revealed that our characters had, in their haste, neglected to perceive the trap we had walked into.

I can’t recall its precise mechanics but it ended up being equivalent to a grease spell that caused our characters to slip and slide down a steeper portion of the knoll and into a giant net. The last thing Mike relayed to us as the session ended was Kershlack staring down at our trapped forms laughing his little scaly ass off. It was infuriating, defeating, and totally awesome!



I can’t recall the details that got us there but we were in a fight. In this fight a big guy with a sword noticed that my character liked to waggle his fingers, say a few words, and then rain fiery balls of death on him and his buddies. Apparently he didn’t take kindly to my magical tendencies so he decided to rein me in, mostly by getting real close and personal with that big ol’ sword.

Now you may recall that Seavel possessed a skilled sword arm. Well that does exactly nothing to protect one’s supple Moon Elf skin from a Great Sword being swung by a man with forearms larger than my character’s legs. I needed a getaway fast. The best thing I could locate was big hole in the ground. The very same trap our rogue had discovered before the fight began. I decided to take my chances and leapt in.

I fell roughly 20 feet, so only incurred 2d6 damage from that, but before I could rejoice in the fact that there were no spikes adorning the floor I noticed what else occupied my little getaway hole…Fiendish Dire Weasels, two of em’.

Okay… I swear they weren’t this cute… I MEAN IT!

So while the battle raged above I struggled below with two fierce little bastards.  Sure, they were only CR 2 but I was injured already and they resisted the fire from my sword and… SHUT UP! The only spell I got off was Mage Armor so I did have some AC. The rest of the fight was just me and my sword against two full HP Dire Rodents! Mike was beside himself happy that someone had fallen into his little trap, and I couldn’t keep the smile off my face either regardless of the fact I was in some serious duress.
In the end I fought off those annoying critters and didn’t allow Mike to kill me off. The guys still poked fun at me though, and to this day we still enjoy a good laugh at the idea of falling into a pit of Dire Weasels.

There are so many other great stories from that time. My buddy Nick ran a half-drow Rogue Shadow Dancer we dubbed “Rizzen the Great!”. Another friend who played a barbarian that Jake essentially ran for him because he was there just to hang out. The creation of the “Money Button”, the heartbeat sound we made when someone was trying to secure the critical hit they just rolled. Many good times for sure.


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