Day 28: Scariest Game You’ve Played


The scariest game I’ve ever run was a game of Dread the RPG where the guys were being chased by a werewolf while trying to enjoy a float trip, it was one of the pre-mades for the system.  If you’ve never played Dread you should certainly give it a go!  The scariest game I’ve ever played though, well that was a Ravenloft game.

Caul RickrakThe game was part of the adventures of Caul Rickrak, one of his adventures I didn’t get to back on Day 8 of RPGaDay.  Our characters were somehow caught up in a request to look into an older building that ended up being haunted.  My memory of the exact details are very shaky but I remember the tone, it was all about our character’s faults.

One of our crew was an alcoholic, and not in the “har har, I take a drink every time we go to the tavern” type but rather someone who’s alcoholism actually got in the way at times.  Caul had his temper, of course, and the others I can’t seem to recall.  Great story, I know.

Shouldn't be anything off about this place...

Shouldn’t be anything off about this place…

One of the pivitol scenes for me was when Caul was attempting to simply climb a flight of steps and the entity just kept interferring, getting his temper flared up.  Then suddenly, after he began to feel utterly helpless, he was transported via illusion back to one of the many days the villiagers he grew up around turned on him.  In the vision they beat him and called him names, he felt more an more helpless until some good rolls finally broke the spell holding him and he laid waste to the shades of his past.

It was eeire and well played.  It’s that kind of stuff that makes me really want to see my buddy Jake run some more Ravenloft.  Just finding some good ways to make us feel a mite uneasy.


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