Day 23: Coolest Looking RPG Product\Book


My coolest looking product is actually the work I’ve done using the Hirst Arts molds I’ve talked about with fair regularity during this RPGaDay spree.  I figure if I were to ever sell this stuff it would be a product for someone else so, to me, it fits the criteria.       3d Dungeon whole

Now, I know its amateurish work but I’m damn proud of what I’ve done with just those molds, some dental plaster, paint, and craft water.  Its also incredibly easy to get proficient at this stuff too.

I’m not going to give a full Step by Step guide on doing this, if you visit the Hirst Arts website they had a plethora of videos and guides that handle training far better than I could but here is a picture of what my Molds look like and I recommend a dental plaster that I order from Canyon State Dental Supply called Excalibur.  For a 50lb box you only pay $32.99 (plus some heavy shipping of course) and that entire dungeon you saw was made with only 1/3 of that 50lb box.  The stuff goes a long flippin’ way.3d Dungeon 06

The base I used, pictured to the right, is a cheapish foam board you can buy at any Michael’s, Wal-Mart, or Craft Store.  How lucky I left the sticker on when cutting the shape!  As you can see I use the 3/16 of an inch style.  All I had to use to glue the dried tiles to it was some Liquid Nails brand glue, but pretty much anything stronger than Elmer’s Glue would be workable.  You use the same glue to glue stone against stone as well.

3d Dungeon 05The first work I tried was just building some hallways and comers.  From the get go I wanted to make a whole dungeon, and wanted it to be made of modular pieces but I’m not going to lie and say what you saw above was my final vision.  No, it was very much a learning process on making a working dungeon that fit together and some of the smaller corners were certainly made just to fill in a gap I accidentally left empty when initially designing it.

3d Dungeon 01

3d Dungeon 03

Other fun modular pieces to make were doorways and of course the entrance to the whole thing.   I added torches and skulls for further character but I don’t think I care for the torches, which is a shame because removing them will leave a glue spot for me to file down.  Thing is though, I want to leave the option for my dungeons to be pitch black though.  So naturally I need to remove the light someone could point to.

3d Dungeon 02

The coolest part I worked on though were the rooms with the water effects.  Mainly because this gave me the opportunity to work with Craft Water.  I was so intrigued when the craft water started seeping into the crevasses of the stones near them, it really gave the impression that there was water flowing by.  A seriously cool effect.  I did some testing here where I handled the craft water differently for both pieces.  On one I painted the top of the craft water, giving it a duller look.  The other I painted the foam board below where I was going to put the craft water and it resulted in a shinier water effect.  Either looks really great but now I know how they look in case I want a clearer or murkier water look.

So there we have it folks, if you have any questions about Hirst Arts stuff I am more than willing to talk with you or answer comments about it.



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