Day 21: Favorite Licensed Game


For this one I’ll need to thank a little company named Cubicle 7, because I love the One Ring RPG.


Prior to playing this game I never thought someone could come along and capture the nuanced nature of an adventure set in Middle Earth.  Sure other games have perfectly fine Fantasy settings, and an argument can easily be made that most derive their mythology, in part, thanks to Tolkien’s pivotal work.  However, I have never had much confidence anyone could really place game mechanics on paper that could really speak to the feelings of a Tolkien “Fellowship” or find a way to make every race in Tolkien’s world an even playable type.  Cubicle 7 pulled it off in spades though.


Dice mechanics include 12 siders that sport an Eye of Sauron or the Rune of Gandalf in the 1 & 12 spots.

Right away the focus of the game can be spied in how a Fellowship of players (adventuring party) complement one another.  A Dwarf may be stout and strong, but they can easily lose heart after their storied past.  The Hobbit in the group can assist though, they have hope and spirit in spades and can lift anyone from despair.  It has mechanics for stuff like that…and they don’t suck!

I found my favorite character to play was the Hobbit, not that I’m a power gamer to begin with, but it was still refreshing to not be useless and still be a Hobbit.  Everyone has fighting capability as well and the leveling system can help enhance that ability through not just stats but the collection of heritage weapons and abilities as well.


The game tend to focus on the development of story and, once again, Fellowship more than traditional leveling and material wealth.  If you spend enough time working within a town you can become patrons of it and even make your way into something of a legendary status.

The game has been placed in the time between the fall of Smaug and the Lord of the Rings.  This gives your characters the chance to witness and adventure within the rise of Sauron and his forces.  Those forces are fun to fight as well, as combat is quick and easy to handle.  Players and enemies take turns via fighting styles and the game can thus be easily played in a Theatre of the Mind style.

I know I’ve only glossed over some major details but this isn’t exactly a review, more of a gush.  So I’ll leave you with some more artwork to play us out.  Final word though, if you really dig Middle Earth fiction and lore, I think you’ll find a lot to love here. Also, just out in PDF form and soon to be Hard Copy is the revised core manual!  Can’t wait to take a look!





2 thoughts on “Day 21: Favorite Licensed Game

    • Honestly, I only knew them through “The One Ring”. Yesterday’s research for this post introduced me to the other stuff they do. Looking forward to trying out some of that. Don’t think I know enough about Dr. Who though…


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