Day 20: Will Still Be Playing in 20 Years…


Ioun_stones my face

In the year 2034 Kevin Smith will seat himself across the table from the men and women who dare play his game.  Mechanical Ioun Stones will silently orbit his, and his players’, heads beaming rules directly from the Dungeons & Dragons Xth Edition Dungeon Master’s  & Player’s Handbook guidebooks, respectfully, into their minds.  Kevin will eye the players at the table and smile ruefully through his greying beard, knowing what is in store for them.

The DungeonScape X.0 Interactive Network Tabletop (INT) will hum to life and the 3-D holographic imagery will glow before the player’s eyes, revealing the terrors of the Ravenloft mists that seemingly flow around them.  With a shiver they will inform their Dungeon Master of their next move, only to be informed by the cry of a Mist Horror emanating from the INT (synced with the Monster Manual’s sound effects platform) that they are sadly not alone in the mists.


They will watch helplessly as their 3d characters are torn asunder by the creature before they can escape the dreaded mists.  Kevin’s will throw back his head and laugh long and hard at their misfortune until tears form and he has to stop to adjust that damn Google Contact Lens in his left eye.  When are they going to fix that thing to fit snugly?, he wonders.

So yeah, some kind of D&D I suppose.



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