Day 17: Funniest Game You’ve Played


I’ve never really played an RPG where I didn’t spend at least a little while with a grin splitting my face ear to ear, but despite that fact I can easily pinpoint the funniest game I’ve ever played in. There are other strong contenders, the Gencon game I mentioned on day 15 strikes me as one, the Old School Hack pickup game run by my friend Scott (AKA The Angry DM) at Gencon 2013 easily makes a run at it as well, and my good friend Chris’ game where my brother and I were peddling our “wares” (I’ll leave that one for you to wonder about) but the funniest game I’ve played was the final Wheel of Time RPG game we ever played run by my oldest gaming pal Nick.,204,203,200_.jpg

We were digging Wheel of Time from the get go. Nick and I had both read the books and my other friends had gotten into their characters right from the start. Problem was Nick had discovered that support for the setting had been halted, no more supplements to look forward to. Thus, we only had the initial book and it provided only a handful of creature options and the like. We would essentially have to fight Trollocs forever, and be limited to the few class options already available. So Nick decided to throw us one last hurrah of a fight, a fight we would most certainly die in.


This will require a bit of background. First I need to talk about Moondrop. “What of Moondrop” you ask? Well, Moondrop was a pony owned by a farmer we had run into earlier in the game. My brother took a special shine to pony and would ask the farmer about the nag’s well being, in a tongue in check fashion of course. He would inquire “and what of Moondrop?” to which the farmer, played expertly by our GM Nick, would hem and haw about the pony’s comings and goings. Typically offering to sell the pony to my brother or the group, an offer we would repeatedly turn down.

Secondly we need to talk about Cave Bears and how they wreck an old boy up! They simply decimate you. Nick had gotten tired of throwing Trollocs at us so he decided to treat us to some combat v. bear. Well, he underestimated that Cave Bear and we barely survived, likely through some GM salvation honestly. We fought in a cave after climbing a damn cliff face and that bear just ripped through us. I couldn’t get a spell off before taking a gut full of claws and the others didn’t fare much better. Fun fight though, gave us a lot of laughs but only served as a taste of the hilarity to come.


So Nick set up our doom at the inn we were staying at. Our characters woke to utter chaos in the bar below. The source of the commotion was not one, but two of those damned cave bears. My character just ran for it, I had seen those claws in action and wanted no more of that business. Trouble is, I got caught and put down quickly. The funny stuff has nothing to do with me though, I was just a witness. The greatest part was the plan hatched by my buddy Jake and my brother…and Moondrop, poor poor Moondrop.

I’ll stop teasing the punch line now, I promise. Jake and my brother had been whispering a lot since they had initially outrun the cave bears and no one had noticed them doing so. Well my brother started laughing so hard he was tearing up and Jake was no different. They then choked out their plan through fits of laughter. First, they had to find Moondrop and coax the pony into calming down, which was tough to do because at this point a man with a Positron Rifle had somehow crossed over from plane of existence, and of course…cave bears running amok. Second…they killed Moondrop. I know, I KNOW, a brutal thing to do but they had reason. The last step of their plan was to hollow out the poor pony’s corpse and wear Moondrop as a two man horse suit. We broke. It made me laugh harder than I’ve likely ever done prior. Just the image of those two hunkered in the suit, sneaking past a highly trained military specialist with a giant laser cannon tickled me in ways I can’t explain. Hell, it still brings a smile to my face.


Crazy enough, they escaped. Nick couldn’t really stop them, they keep succeeding on rolls and it was just too clever\hilarious of an idea to put a stop to it. So to this day we still ponder on the adventures of those two. We have to imagine they later crafted a better suit with the remains of Moondrop, and my brother made sure to give homage the old gal. We also find ourselves asking Nick from time to time “And what of Moondrop?”.


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