RPGaDAY Day 15: Favorite Convention Game


Ah Gencon 2013, my first ever Gaming Convention

Ah Gencon 2013, my first ever Gaming Convention

There is no contest here, one game comes to mind immediately.  That game would be one run by GM’s Hujraad Johaansen and Matt Chimienti at Gencon 2013 titled “Big Showdown in Little Canyonside: Snakes on a Plane Redux” (Apparently it was a sequel of sorts).  My wife and I joined this game on the advice of Matt Fuller with Monkey in the Cage and we were lucky to have done so!

The game was run using Hujraad Johaansen’s rule system named HiBRiD, an acronym that stands for Heroic Ite’ Based Role-playing-game in Development.  The game focused on a group of 80’s action heroes, chosen from a group of pregens that had been crafted for us, that were thrown into a crazy nonstop (very 80’s) adventure.  The GM’s decided to really pump things up by providing everyone with gobs of what they called “Ite'” points.  These could be used to up the ante on the action by spending as many points as you wished to make your character do some really crazy things.  For example, near the end of the game when things were honestly getting really crazy my wife playing basically a version of Chuck Norris killed roughly 1,000 enemies in a matter of seconds and at the same time I spent enough Ite to have my speed boat (I was a Hulk Hogan like character) burst through a cave wall after running through some subterranean tunnels.  Yeah, it was sort of nutty, but it sure was a blast!

Don't mess with the Hulkster brudder

Don’t mess with the Hulkster brudder

I could give you a play by play, it has been etched in my memory, but I’ll just settle for linking the episode of the Monkey in the Cage Podcast where Sarah and I guest starred aside Matt and Robert talking all about Gencon 2013, and a lot about this game(Here’s the Link to that).

Also, here’s a link to Hujraad’s blog and twitter, he doesn’t spend a ton of time on the web but I certainly look forward to his next Gencon game set to happen in 2015 as he sadly only attends bi-yearly.  Hope he’s ready for the Vagabond Gamers though, cuz 2015 is going to be our year to crash Gencon together and his game will be on our list!

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