RPGaDAY Day 14: Best Convention Purchase


Its easy to choose honestly, because I’m so damn cheap I rarely buy things at Cons. Oh, by the way, happy Gencon day everyone!  Not to mention Happy Birthday to me, nice of Indianappolis to throw me this rockin’ party…anyway, back to the matter at hand!  My best Gencon Purchase?  Hirst Arts Molds.

Hirst logoI simply love these 3d dungeon-scaping tools.  Not that hard to use if you take your time and learn the craft.  My problem is they are a pretty pricey initial purchase, coming in at nealry $30 a pop, so I don’t own many.  My cousin’s husband, Toby, has lent me his in the past and with his molds I was able to make this beauty!

My favorite piece among many.

My favorite piece among many.

I love doing this kind of crafting and look forward to doing more so these were the two I bought last year.

HirstI will certainly buy another one, at least, at Gencon this year and probably continue asking for them as gifts people can buy me (did I mention today was my birthday?).  Eventually I’ll own enough that I can always have what I need on hand without the need to borrow from Toby.

One of these days I may give a How To video or synopsis of how I craft these little dungeons of mine using the excellent molds they make over there but to be honest, all the good stuff is already on their site, which you can visit HERE.

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