RPGaDAY Day 13: Most Memorable Character Death


I’ve been pretty lucky that as a player, of course I don’t play as often as I run games, I’ve not had a lot of characters die on me.  However, I do have one character whose death certainly stands tall above the rest, and I think the Vagabond Gamers likely know who I’m going to reference here.  Congratulations Erik, the death of my gnome Tevris takes the most memorable death title!

  • First, the players:
    • GM: Erik (aka @shrimpiclese)
    • Darn Shatterclub (Dwarf): Brent (aka @allgamer1)
    • Garin Stonefist (Dwarf): Matt (aka @freerangegamer)
    • Belhad Ironseeker (Dwarf): Jason (aka @TojuXinshu)
    • Tevris Fizzlewotz (Gnome): Me

Gnome memeErik is currently working on a world concept, to be fit into a yet undecided rule system, that is pretty cool.  I won’t go into too many details, as it is his world to share not mine, but the adventure we were on involved us exploring some ancient deep mines beneath the current Dwarven and Gnomish mountain kingdoms.  There was old steamwork-like tech lying about and Tevris was only invested in the trip because he was seeking a long lost technological artifact, and because he’d been coerced but you know, lemons into lemonade and all that.

Typically when we play in a Vagabond Gamers online session our characters have always been very helpful and considerate of each other.  They’ve always been teams that worked like well oiled machines.  Not this time though, oh Hell no.  Something happened here, and these characters barely tolerated each other.  Keep in mind that we the players were never at each other’s throats, no we were only bickering in game, but man did our characters bicker and though they were getting the job done they did so begrudgingly.

A team that bickers but ends up getting the job done! Ok... so we never meshed as well as the GotG but... ok I just wanted to use them in something :P

A team that bickers but ends up getting the job done! Ok… so we never meshed as well as the GotG but… ok I just wanted to use them in something 😛

Near the end of the game all Hell broke loose, mainly because a certain dwarf split from the rest of the group to go down while we went up (cough cough Belhad cough cough) and because my character upon seeing the ancient artifact he was interested in approached with zero caution.  Well, Jason’s character set in motion some sort of sacrificial ritual that would bring forth a demonic invasion and my character absorbed an artificial intelligence and lost an arm.  Oh, and Tevris went insane as well, couldn’t really adjust to the AI ride-along.

While Tevris was going insane Darn & Garin, who had made the climb up with my character, looked around saying “this is a bunch of nope” and just cheesed it.  Garin ended up hijacking a drilling machine, pushed go, and drove whatever direction it decided to move and made his way to safety and Darn just jumped through a random portal into a lush field and surprisingly it wasn’t some kind of horrible trap.

While Darn and Garin were escaping the crumbling subterranean pyramid (I think I forgot to mention that was happening) Tevris flew down the stairs to the bottom, screaming madness the entire route because the AI wanted him to stop the ritual being performed on Belhad.  Belhad had simply gone along with the suggestions of the creatures who considered him the reincarnation of their king, and when they asked him in the broken language he only barely understood if he wanted to begin the “ritual” he took a drag on his stogie and just said “yeah, sure”.  Well that ritual turned out to be sacrificial in nature, with the added bonus of reincarnating an ancient nigh unstoppable demon.  This is the small matter the AI wanted Tevris to stop.

Along the way Tevris had used his mechanical knowledge to forcefully attach his gnomish kopesh to the stump that used to be his arm, blown off when the AI tried to make him throw a grenade at Garin and Darn.  So Tevris arrived at the scene of the ritual fully prepped to go to war with those sacrificing Belhad.  Well, it didn’t really go so well.  Belhad got released sure but Tevris’ wild approach to the issue ended up serving him up as the ritual instead.

Like this, only with a tiny little gnome guy

Like this, only with a tiny little gnome guy

So Tevris Fizzlewotz died as a recent amputee, driven mad, and setting off the chain of events that would later cause great strife in the world Erik has created (did I mention he told us he would consider this adventure canon?) as an extra-planer entity known as a Kezrakai broke through the barrier into the world.  Belhad tried to put some hurt on the critter but nothing even scratched it, so Belhad ran and actually got away safely.  Certainly not Tevris though, he died rather horribly.

It was an awesome game and certainly a character death that will not soon be overshadowed.  Thanks Erik.

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