RPGaDAY Day 9: Favorite Die\Dice Set


So I’ll cheat a little here and post a picture of my three favorite dice sets, and write a little about each of them.

My three strongest sets of rollers!

My three strongest sets of rollers!

The white set of dice were the first set of dice I ever purchased.  They were used for the first character I ever took past the tenth level, Seavel Moonlance the Wizard\Fighter\Eldritch Knight.  We ended up at level 18 before all was said an done. Truly some great memories there.

The red set of dice were my go to bunch in college. We had some really great gaming during those days, I was very fortunate to have some good friends attend college with me.

The black set of dice are my youngest among the three pictured above (though I have so many more sets of dice).  They are currently my most used set.  Especially the 20-sider.  It has this tendency to roll high that I just simply adore. I have actually stopped using it as a GM, isn’t really all that fair.

A much shorter entry than the last, but these dice are every bit as dear to me as anything else in gaming.

2 thoughts on “RPGaDAY Day 9: Favorite Die\Dice Set

  1. That’s pretty cool. I know we all have stories behind our dice sets. Mine are all generally about them being cursed if anyone else touches them.
    Also, have you seen the recent trend of dice shaming? I think this is something makes new dice lose out to old reliable dice.


  2. Dice shaming has been a thing with our group, in a way, for years actually. My buddy Nick used to punish misbehaving dice by “Putting them in the Fridge”. Of course that just meant he sat on the die in question.

    We also tongue in cheek style payed heed to many of the dice rules set forth by Knights of the Dinner Table.

    The cursed thing makes me laugh as well, my buddy Jake has always stated that he himself is just bad with dice and historically I’ve been considered lucky.


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