Teen Fandom Con – June 14, 2014

I’ve remarked a bit on this upcoming convention on Twitter, but only in passing.  So I’ve decided to give a more detailed update on this exciting opportunity that has come my way.  Not to mention some of the things it has taught me about how great many of the business’ associated with Tabletop Roleplaying Games can be.

Not long ago I was contacted by the head of the Teen Outreach Committee for the St. Charles City/County Library District at the Spencer Road location regarding the County Library’s first ever Teen Fandom Convention.  She wanted to know if I would be interested in manning a panel on Tabletop Roleplaying Games, and to a lesser extent boardgames.  Of course I jumped at the chance and even offered to stick around for the entire day to run a booth of sorts where I will be on hand to answer any further questions anyone had.

The Teen Fandom Con will focus on a myriad of hobbies and pop culture items that creates popular fandoms within our community, specifically geared toward the teen age-group.  It started out just being an anime con, as that seems to be a strong interest in today’s youth.  Heck, I was a fan myself growing up and still am to an extent.  Never saw the popularity it seems to enjoy these days though, although we had to search a bit harder back in my day and…(right about now the rocking chair starts to creak so I’ll just move on).  Now, along side my particular interests, the con will focus on things like Anime, Cosplay, Comics, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Dr. Who etc.  Sounds like an neat little event, almost like a Comic-Con on a smaller scale.

As a self proclaimed ambassador for Tabletop RPG’s (If anyone else wants to call me that, maybe I’ll put your quote on a business card or something :P) this is just the type of thing that excites me.  Introducing new blood to our club of pen and paper gamers is something I’ve always enjoyed, and here is a chance to do it on a bit of a Macro scale.  I’ll run my panel for an hour, answering questions people might have, and then I intend to camp out at my booth with most, if not all, of my library of RPG systems for people to peruse.  I’ll also be on hand to answer more questions or even show people how to play the various systems if they have interest.

At some point during my prep for this I decided to try my luck and reach out to some of the gaming companies for the various systems I owned and let them know what I was doing.  I wanted them to know about it and to give them the chance to get involved if they wanted to and offer up a bit of SWAG to hand over to those who develop and interest in their system.  The response has been better than I even expected.

When I reached out, I wanted to be careful I didn’t oversell the Con.  Last I saw we were likely to get well over a hundred folks to pre-register.  Not a small number to us, as it will be the first of it’s kind, but ultimately not the thousands these companies usually see at conventions.  That didn’t seem to matter though, I’ve gotten all sorts of great responses from companies like Privateer Press (Iron Kingdoms), Pinnacle Entertainment Group (Savage Worlds), Monte Cook Games (Numenera), and Pelgrane Press Ltd (13th Age).  I’d also be remiss if I failed to mention some great responses from a few Friendly Local Gaming Shops.  In the end it has been great just getting the time of day from some of the creators of these fine games I enjoy.  If I get my hands on some stuff to help promote their products to some potential fresh faces, it can only help to encourage more interest!

I know that most of my readership hails from Twitter, and thus very few of you are local enough to help spread the word of this con, but I’ll be posting this blog post’s address to my Facebook page to hopefully get some local folks interested as well.  So if you’re in the St. Charles County Missouri area, or one of it’s surrounding counties, and want to help out a bit I’ll have the flyer attached and you can put it up somewhere if you’d like.  Here’s the link to the preregistration page as well.

Email me if you'd like it as a .pdf

Email me if you’d like it as a .pdf

I can only hope that this brings further opportunities for me to advocate for this hobby I love.  Not to mention I can only hope this event is a rousing success so it can be embellished on in the coming years to be even bigger!  One day I hope to branch my enjoyment of gaming into charity work as well, but that is a topic for another time.  Of course, feel free to ask me about it and I’ll chat your ear off.  Thanks for reading folks!

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