Hey Everyone

So the Blog is live.  I still have some kinks to work out but, here it is.  I’m not overly certain what I’ll do with it, beyond obviously using it as an area to delve even deeper into analyzing my various hobbies that is.  I can’t imagine everyone who has ended up with a successful blog started out with a firm idea of what they intended to do with it, so I feel like I’m fine just posting about junk I like.  We’ll see where it goes from here.

I can certainly attest to one thing though.  Without Twitter, you likely wouldn’t be reading anything I’ve already placed on the blog (some of my older contributions to other sites) or what I may write in the future.  Twitter has been this crazy wonderful addition in my life.  Not the app itself mind you, but the awesome people it has introduced me to.  There are too many to even list here, and I know I would leave out some important ones so I won’t even try.  Suffice it to say, the people I’ve met over the last few years since joining Twitter have pried my eyes open to so much more in the hobbies I love with dynamite, and have even encouraged me to pursue things I’ve only considered in daydreams.  All of this is just making me all the angrier that my flipping Twitter Widget doesn’t seem to want to work though… so I’ll move on.


So settle in folks, and follow me if you wish.  I hope to bring new, interesting content your way.  Or maybe even a new take on a topic that’s being regurgitated all over the place.  Likely I’ll just spew the same stuff but with like jokes or something.

P.S. You can add a Post Script to a blog right?  I think that’s a thing… Anywho, the whole “Melvin Smif” thing.  It’s a nickname given to me by my best buds growing up who are all members of “The Krew”.  Maybe one day I’ll write up a post describing what exactly The Krew is, though that particular rabbit hole can be delved at a later date.



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